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    March 2010
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    Last Practice with Esteban!

    Hello, this is Asuka.

    Last Week was the last practice with Esteban. He left to Colombia.

    Since it was the last practice with Esteban at BUTOKUDEN, I really wanted to beat him in Keiko, even though he is male and practices more than I do. I was sure we would have last Keiko with him. So I was thinking all day, how I could beat him.

    I have practiced and worked with him for the past four months. Therefore, I kind of understand his good and bad points. During the mental training, prior to the match with him, I imagined twice what I would do with him. In the past, when he gets frustrated, it becomes easier to get point such as Debana Kote. So, I decided to block his first and second attacks to make him upset. Eventually, he would get furstrated, and that would be the perfect timing in order for me to get a Debana Kote, which is my favorite Waza.
    Esteban Last practice

    This picture is before we fought.

    During the last practice, I did exactly what I planned! And I got Debana-Kote from him!! I was excited until the following day.

    It was the first time to realize Kendo is not only physical game but also mental game as Ariga Sensei or many other Senseis have told me.

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    4 comments to Last Practice with Esteban!

    • KendoBrazil666

      If you had never met him, do you think you would be able to win? Was he in the same “I must win the shiai” mind spirit? Think about that. You may have won, but you may have lost too. ;)

    • asukakondo

      Haha, it is a very good question. I don’t think I can win..

    • KendoBrazil666

      I like this blog, I like your style of writting. You seem to be very sincere and honest, and of course love kendo. =)

    • David

      hahahahaha nice post, i still act most by instinct, is very difficult for me to create a strategy before keiko but this post inspire me i’ll try harder and think harder.