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    March 2010
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    Fighting Sprits

    Hello. This is Asuka.

    We will have the All US Junior Kendo Open Chmapionships in July. We will start practice for Junior Tournament soon. This tournament is for children 18 and under. We have a few good Junior Kenshis in our Dojo. One of them has a very strong fighting sprit. He is 9 year old.

    One day, I competed with him, on who would have a louder Kiai. We had three judges. And of course I won three to nothing!

    But he didn’t accept his defeat…. He said “They were talking while we were playing!!”

    He hates to lose a match, so that every time he practices, he shows very good Kiai and beautiful Zanshin. This is his talent, and not too many people can have the same fighting sprit as his. Compare him with some adult people, who just enjoy Kendo. He has something that we have already forgotten.

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    2 comments to Fighting Sprits

    • Ah the youth, too much energy so much nothing to do hehehe they have that if you can say “worry less” they just think in the now, fearless, giving everything, is part of their innocence.

      Good look with the little champions.

    • KendoBrazil666


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